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agi-mat (ă-guh-ee-măt)

Our firm was founded on 2009 founded by Arvie Villanueva and Adonna Rosario Villanueva, the dynamic duo.  Driven by passion to create something unique and fun, the Shadow Candy™ came to life as an online comic then inspired to create an iPhone app, published in October 9, 2009.  The rest is history, from games to virtual reality we thrived to advance ourselves to keep up with the fast growing technology.  We are a small team of developers and visionaries passionate to making the complex simple.

Small yet robust! We are the creative partner you need.

Our innovative team builds creative interfaces that is customized to meet your goals.

We build apps on cross-platforms, from iPhones, iPads, Androids, consoles and PCs.

Building engaging games, utilities and VR/AR, we got the technical expertise for your brand.

Agimat - ARvie Villanueva

Arvie Villanueva

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

I have a deep passion for design and technology. I believe in eternal learning and always on the lookout for the latest innovative tools that can help me express my digital art through visual design or interactive applications.

Don’t be afraid to fail… be afraid not to try.

Through the years, I have gained various experience working in Print Publication, Web, Games, App Design and Development.

On my leisure time, I enjoy playing video games, watching movies, reading comic books, practicing photography and hanging out with our dogs.

Adonna Rosario Villanueva

Co-Founder & President

I believe that vision can be a reality.  I have the eye for detail and I push the envelope. Having two sides of the coin as a creative web designer and financial manager, I handle the curation and business aspect of the company.

Grit is the key to reach your dreams.

I am a social butterfly and love adventures.  I enjoy traveling, watching movies, crafting and DIYs.  My compassion to people and animals makes my heart happy. #BeKind

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Agimat - Adonna Rosario Villanueva