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Dodge Revolution

Get ready to win the race

The Dodge Revolution introduces three new Dodge vehicles to its fleet: the nimble Dart, bold Journey, and rugged Durango. We’ve got two all-new tracks to drive: City Highways and Coastline, with a secret off-road path. Track and share your racing progress with the brand-new achievement system. Customize your Dodge 2015 vehicle in a cutting-edge, augmented reality environment. Fitted out with all the information you need about features like the roaring engine, new lights, or shaker hood. You’re in charge, so double down with new color and wheels on your car. Try it in a real environment, like your driveway. Then, zoom in to get those pristine Dodge details. If you’re feeling bold, get into the driver’s seat and explore what’s inside. Finally, race your personally-designed car on one of the three available courses: circuit, city, and coastal. Get ready to win.

    CLIENT: TEN (The Enthusiast Network, LLC) for Dodge