Shadow Candy

The sweet ninjas: Hiro, Kaz and Sayaka protects Shadowville with Lampshade and Usagi from the hands of the evil mind Dr. Box, the Ninbots and Chopsticks. Download FREE app on iTunes:

Shadow Candy: SUGAR RUSH!

The first game app of Agimat for the iOS.  A ninja platform adventure game.  Feel the RUSH!  Available on the App Store.




Help Jim Bob survive the night after a monster break out that has infested the whole town. Vampires, Werewolves, Mummies, Skeletons and Frankenstein’s are out to fill their bellies and wreak havoc into the night! Armed with a chainsaw, eradicate the monsters with extreme prejudice! Other weapons, like Snowball...


Shadow Candy: SUGAR RUSH! V1.1

Shadow Candy: SUGAR RUSH! is unlike any other ninja game currently available in the App Store. Featuring the feisty but lovable ninja, HIRO, one of a cast of cute ninja kids from Agimat Comic’s web-based comic strip, Shadow Candy, (two chapters of which are already available as apps for...



Shadow Candy: Chapter 2

Shadowville is in danger once again! In this second chapter, a new villain arrives. With a bitter past and a wanted fugitive, CHOPSTICKS came back with vengeance! Armed with his ultra-fire-powered stilts, will our ninjas find a way to save the day?!   Download it here, it’s FREE:  ...


Shadow Candy: Chapter 1

Dangerously sweet! SHADOW CANDY is about the adventures of a group of ninja-kids from Shadowville. This chapter introduces the main characters: Hiro, Kaz and Sayaka as they cross path with the mad scientist: Dr. Box! With his diabolical obsession to take over the world, he’s out to test his...